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Business Case: Wrap-Around-SRP

Fully automated packaging/machine developed to enable a flexible approach for different Packaging Units.

Focus: Performance

Today’s electronics market is highly influenced by the fast-changing technology and globalization. This is resulting in challenges to find the right ways to stay ahead of competition. One way of doing this is by optimizing efficiency along your entire supply chain as well as optimizing your packaging performance.

Race for efficiency in electronics assembly

The electronics assembly, today worth around 1.5 trillion euros, is under constant pressure to stay ahead of competition. Some of the challenges to be addressed are: declining average sales prices, continuous stream of new innovations in the pipeline, expanding customer base and number of products, shorter innovation cycle and time-to-market. The need for streamlined, efficient operations has never been stronger.

The race for efficiency for electronics manufacturers – OEMs, EMS providers and ODMs – cannot be won with a one-size-fits-all solution. Operating and business models as well as industry specific needs are highly differentiated which means different KPIs are to be considered. High pace of innovation and rapidly changing technology require companies to focus on their core business.

Improve your packaging for better performance

Packaging is impacting the overall efficiency along your supply chain. DS Smith is the perfect partner to gain expertise and efficiency for your packaging. We work hand in hand with you to offer the best tailored solution to optimize your performance according to your targets and constraints.

Your selling strategy, whatever the market, needs to be supported by the right packaging according to the different brands positioning. DS Smith’s packaging solutions are designed to improve your performance in each and every channel.

Within the highly competitive environment of electronics assembly, counterfeiting exists and threatens your business. DS Smith packaging is designed also to protect your brand, thanks to anti-counterfeit and tamper proof solutions.In addition, we are also able to provide services as VMI, JIT, EDI and stock keeping. 

We apply experience to your needs and provide all-in packaging solutions for the electronics industry.

Our unique packaging processes


  is our customer centric and collaborative way of working through which we deliver real results based on your specific challenges and processes.

Packaging impact is not restricted to manufacturing processes but also encompasses further parts of the value chain and other business functions. Our TCO-driven approach quantifies the impact of packaging along the value chain based on your needs and targets/KPIs.

We customize not only the product but also the entire concept with a modern design-to-cost approach aimed to streamline efficiencies and avoid any compromise on your final customer satisfaction.


Our and accurate all-in packaging design bring reliable, quality and high-performance packaging to your supply chain, with no more material than necessary. Testing for real life damage risks in our laboratories ensures compliance to highest industry standards and regulations.

Want to find out how we could collaborate to boost your performance through packaging? Be sure to get in touch with our experts!