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About Coullons Paper Mill


  • Coreboard
  • Solid board
  • Composite boxes board
  • Cores for toilet paper
  • Layer pad



Grammage range:   200-360 g/m2
Production: 30,000 tonnes/year
Speed max:  250 m/min
Trim max:  1.95 m



Grammage range:   200-300 g/m2
Production: 10,000 tonnes/year
Speed max:  60 m/min
Trim max:  1.90 m


  • 1863
    Construction of the mill, which produces cardboard using a process of common broom retting
  • 1918
    Purchase of the mill by the Chouanard family
  • 1950s
    Production of compact cardboard used in the packaging industry (tubes, cores, sugar boxes, etc.)
  • 1970s
    Acquisition of a second machine increasing production rate from 5,000 to 9,000 tonnes and launch of production of foam cardboard for luxury binding (diaries, photo albums, etc.) of light weight recycled fluting.
  • 1992
    Acquisition by DS Smith. The mill specialises in the production of flat cardboard in reels and sheets, as well as the complex production of foam cardboard
  • 2008
    Purchase of a new pulper with high concentration
  • 2010-11
    New product development on PM2 (water-soluble paperboard)
  • 2017
    Replacement of sectional drive on PM1

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