Bulk packaging

At DS Smith, we specialise in the production of heavy duty bulk packaging in a wide range of designs.

Single use (one-way) Packaging and Reusable Packaging

Our offer includes bulk packaging containers made of corrugated cardboard.

Based on intended usage and customer needs, we offer single-use and reusable containers are made with double, triple flute or laminated. We also offer different folding possibilities to achieve significant space savings when empty, during transportation or while in storage.

Double or triple wall cardboard container boxes are supplied ‘lay flat’ so you benefit from a 90% space saving on packaging deliveries, either in stock or during transport.

Key advantages

  • Supplied "Lay Flat", with a 90% space saving
  • Reduces manufacturing movements
  • Maximizes stacking in dynamic / static
  • Custom-made for your needs
  • High durability for long life
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Easy to clean

 Our Bulk-Packaging solutions include: