Coffee Cups Recycling

Coffee Cups Recycling

With 1 in 5 people visiting one of the UK’s 20,000 coffee shops every day, the recyclability of paper coffee cups has regularly been in the headlines. That’s why DS Smith is committed to providing a solution for how these cups could be recycled.

Following recent trials, we have announced that our paper mill in Kent has the capacity to recycle up to 2.5 billion coffee cups – that’s the amount we use in the UK every year.

We could recycle the cups at our mill but we still have some challenges to overcome, because there needs to be improvements in the infrastructure to segregate and collect coffee cups from consumers all over the UK.

That’s why we’re working with the coffee cup supply chain, policy makers, the recycling industry, and coffee lovers across the UK to build a sustainable, long-term recycling solution.

Campaign for coffee cups recycling

To answer key questions about coffee cup recycling, as well as exploring the next steps needed to develop a long-term recycling solution, we’ve produced a graphic, press release, short animation, and interview video. To join us in the campaign for better coffee cup recycling, take a look!