DS Smith breaks new ground with coffee cup recycling

DS Smith breaks new ground with coffee cup recycling

Our Coffee Cup Drop Boxes could recycle millions more coffee cups every year

Coffee Cups Recycling

The recyclability of paper coffee cups is regularly in the headlines, with demands for a better infrastructure to tackle the challenge. That’s why DS Smith is providing a solution for how these cups can be recycled.

In 2018, after a series of trials we announced that our paper mill in Kent has the capacity to recycle up to 2.5 billion coffee cups – the challenge was then on to put in place a collection infrastructure to make sure coffee cups could be collected for recycling.

We have worked with the coffee cup supply chain, policymakers, the recycling industry, and coffee lovers across the UK to build a sustainable, long-term recycling solution.

Now, after further successful trials with key partners, around collection methods, we are launching our coffee cup collection box. The specially designed Coffee Cup Drop Box will be available in towns and cities across the UK allowing any business that wants to offer a coffee cup recycling facility the ability to segregate and collect coffee cups.

Made from 100% recycled materials, our Coffee Cup Drop Boxes can hold up to 700 used cups, and once full, we will collect the boxes and take it to our paper mill for recycling.

The boxes will be available to purchase from our e-commerce platform from October 2019 for £15.

Campaign for coffee cups recycling

To answer key questions about coffee cup recycling, as well as exploring the next steps needed to develop a long-term recycling solution, we’ve produced an infographic, press releases, a short animation, and an interview video.