End-to-End POS solutions on a global scale

With a global presence in more than 30 different countries, partnering with DS Smith makes it easier to scale up your POS solutions across multiple brands and markets. So you can deliver consistency, brand integrity and impact worldwide.

We will also help you simplify your process, ensure faster speeds to market and, ultimately, reduce your costs. What’s more, we’ll do all of this in the most sustainable way.

Grow your brand with our POS network

With over 1000 POS experts, 24 manufacturing plants and more than 500 global supplier partners in 95 countries, no one can match our experience, expertise and coverage. 

  • We have strong local teams with extensive local market expertise and deep retailer knowledge ensuring the right solution.
  • We can scale up your solutions into regional and global POS campaigns for multiple markets, driving consistency and value.
  • We are one partner delivering end-to-end solutions across the full range of in-store materials.
We can help you grow your brand through our expertise and scale.
We can help you grow your brand through our expertise and scale.

The perfect POS blend for the world’s leading brands

We offer a blend of manufactured and sourced POS solutions for some of the biggest and best-known names in global retail.

Manufacturing - On-shelf and secondary POS materials:

  • 2D and 3D POS solutions
  • Pre-filled and post-filled displays
  • Promotional POS

Sourcing - Procuring of all non-manufactured POS solutions:

  • Broader geographical scope
  • Product capability expanded to include semi-perm and perm POS solutions

Everything you need to stand out in-store

We can help you with deeper customer insights, smarter innovations and sustainable POS solutions, all deployed with speed, agility and scale. Contact us about your next campaign today.