The Perfect Pairing: Bag-in-Box Flexible Packaging and Wine

According to Amazon UK, sales for Bag-in-Box wine rose as high as 212% in 2017 when compared to the previous year.

Manufacturers and consumers are turning to Bag-in-Box flexible packaging for wine and spirits as it has proven to be a more sustainable, convenient, and user-friendly packaging solution compared to conventional glass bottles. To meet the needs of the booming wine and spirits industry, Rapak® and Worldwide Dispensers™, part of the DS Smith Plastics Division, continue to offer and develop innovative high-quality Bag-in-Box wine packaging and dispensing options.

Now more than ever, premium, quality wines and varietals are being packaged in Bag-in-Box formats as it ensures a longer shelf life of the wine once opened. In an effort to reduce product waste through better preservation, Rapak has developed high barrier wine bags paired with the Mustang™ front push dispensing tap with a superior ultra-low Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR), preventing oxygen from entering the packaging. By utilizing the Bag-in-Box solution, wine stays optimal and fresh for 4-6 weeks once opened, compared to traditional bottled wine that lasts up to 7 days.

Bag-in-Box wine offers many additional benefits for both consumers and manufacturers alike. Consumers embrace the convenience for both in-home and outdoor consumption, such as tailgating, picnics and parties, due to Bag-in-Box’s optimized storage space and user-friendly, single-handed dispensing ability. Manufacturers not only benefit from the storage and transportation savings with Bag-in-Box but can also set themselves apart from competition with a larger print surface for eye-catching graphics.

Due to the high interest in Bag-in-Box packaging and its many benefits, Rapak and Worldwide Dispensers continue to develop the best flexible packaging and dispensing tap solutions for the wine and spirits industry. Rapak and Worldwide Dispensers will be exhibiting at the upcoming Unified Wine and Grape Symposium at Booth#1338, January 29-31 in Sacramento, California.

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