DS Smith Plastics Exhibits: AkyPak® Advanced C Returnable Packaging solution at Empack 2018 Madrid, 12-13 November

DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products will be featuring a variety of its reusable and customizable extruded polypropylene packaging solutions at Empack 2018 in Madrid, Spain.

Among many new and exciting products at the DS Smith Plastics booth will be the brand new addition to their returnable packaging line, the reusable container AkyPak® Advanced, as well as the brand new line of packaging for pharmaceutical products, AkyPure®.

The new feature is one more option for DS Smith Plastics’ AkyPak Advanced. Different from the competition, the Advanced C option is a one-piece thermoformed pallet with a flat-deck.

Like other AkyPak formats, the AkyPak Advanced C high density polyethylene and polypropylene reusable containers are known for being lightweight and durable. 

All AkyPak returnable containers are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life.

The AkyPak product line of returnable containers consists of three sub-brands: AkyPak Classic, AkyPak Advanced and AkyPak 4You.

The AkyPure line of packaging, designed for pharmaceutical products, will also be on display.

Made of polypropylene plastic, AkyPure is divided into three sub-categories: AkyPure tray, container and box. These packaging solutions are fibre-free, moisture resistant and anti-static. AkyPure has been designed to protect products from any and all contaminants and to be sterilized after use.

Like all products from DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products, AkyPure is completely customizable and available in a variety of sizes and colors.

This will be the first time AkyPure and AkyPak Advanced C will receive promotion in the Spanish market. Visit Stand C12 to speak with our experts.