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NEW Product ALERT – Integral Air Return Tap for Liquid Dispensing

DS Smith Plastics’ Worldwide Dispensers is introducing a new product line of integral air return liquid dispensers with variable flow control. The new product line features a lean design and will come in two distinct push-tap styles to fit a variety of applications. Typical containers include rigid, semi-rigid, flexible bags including bag-in-box configurations and stand-up pouches.

The two style versions are:

  • Standard, vertical push design that can be used in the upright or side position. It is available in several standard bottle thread sizes and finishes.
  • Lever Tap, thumb-push design for easy dispensing convenience and for keeping fingers away from product. Lever taps are also available in several standard thread finishes.

Both versions feature a lean design and ‘easy-push’ button (patent pending).


Both the standard vertical push and lever versions can be fitted with an optional extension tube sized for specific applications. This option comes with a feature to secure the tube after use, keeping the excess fluid in tube contained.

 The extension tube is an excellent option to control dispensing in hard to reach areas. It is ideal for automotive fluids, chemicals, refill packs, and other applications where a separate funnel is currently used. Other option available includes tamper evident seal.

 About vertical dispenser: Vertical dispensers provide controlled variable flow for a variety of liquids, chemicals, cleaning products, and liquid food such as edible oils, sauces and beverages. The concepts and products are patent pending.

 For more information about this new tap contact our experts at: wd.innovations@dssmith.com or visit our website worldwide-dispensers.com