Our people

At DS Smith we have a concept of Growing Together which describes the way we approach people development. Growing Together is a two-way commitment between employees and the business. ​​It is a way of working, a mind-set and a commitment.

Growing Together is founded with the same principles that we apply to our Talent Management approach. These are:

  • Growth - If we grow our people, our people will meet the corporate plan and grow our business

  • Simplification - Produce a standardised approach that reduces complexity for all stakeholders

  • Employee focus – Employee focused rather than a process focus

  • People Managers- Managers have primary accountability for attracting and developing people for the benefit of the total business. This is a key part of their job

  • Lifelong learning - Development is an active and ongoing partnership between all employees and their managers

  • Group-wide Pool - Talents are for DS Smith and do not ‘belong’ to a division / country

  • Collaboration - HR will equip managers and employees to play a full role in that partnership

  • Engagement – Developmental feedback and growth for all employees

These principles remain at the heart of Growing Together and all the associated activities. 

What is people development and why is it important?

One of our strategic goals is to realise the potential of our people. This is only possible if we provide developmental opportunities to our people that allow them to grow, contribute more effectively and enjoy the rewards of a successful career. 

People development is more than just changing jobs. It is about growing through experiences in both familiar and unfamiliar situations within a supportive environment. 

Our values