Get to know Marco

It’s 9am and today Marco is in Bulgaria. But he’s never in one place for too long because his role takes him all over the world from our packaging Head Office in Brussels.

Marco Maguina
our Health & Safety Director at DS Smith Packaging

Tell us about your role

I work with various teams around the world, helping our packaging division eliminate any risk that could cause harm to our people and the communities we work in.

You’re working to deliver a strategy called ‘Vision Zero’. What is it and why is it so important?

At DS Smith, the safety of people in and around our sites is our number one priority every day. Whether that’s employees, contractors, visitors or local people. We have a clearly defined strategy for health and safety which includes two main goals: zero accidents and zero harm.

There are many reasons why we invest in safety. First and foremost because it is the right thing to do, there is no reason why anyone should get hurt. Second, because it makes good business sense. Safety is the one KPI that reflects an organisation’s capability to identify, control or eliminate risks, to develop and implement better ways of working and to be part of a team that has the discipline to follow procedures. Having a flawless operation like this is the cornerstone of being a profitable business.

Marco visiting our sites across Europe
Marco visiting our sites across Europe

How is DS Smith innovating in Health & Safety?

We already have a very solid safety programme and within our industry, we lead the way. But there’s always room for improvement and you should never be happy with where you are. We continue to shape the culture within our organisation and monitor best practices from around the world. My team are on top of the latest trends and initiatives and bring on ideas and concepts that can be adapted for our own business. This may include proximity technology for forklifts or powered industrial vehicles, behaviour-based safety programmes or wastewater treatment plants that allow us to recover potentially harmful pigments from certain printing inks and allow our supplier to reuse them.

You’re a supporter of DS Smith’s LGBTQ+ Allies network. Can you tell us more about it?

Yes, I’ve supported the network from day one because I want to help create awareness of it around the organisation. I believe everyone should be treated equally, whatever their gender or sexuality. When we hire someone, all that matters is that they’re good at their job.

Do you have a sustainability role too?

Yes! We have very big sustainability ambitions and there are a number of aspects that are purely operational. We currently have over 200 ongoing projects to decarbonise, reduce energy and water consumption for example, and we’ll see more and more projects coming to life. Someone has to track them and make reports on them – and that’s me! I am looking at everything that happens inside our factories but as part of a huge team.

What advice would you give anyone who is thinking of joining DS Smith?

DS Smith gives everyone the opportunity to develop and grow. When I travel around the world, I see people who started out on the factory floor that are now in management. The business is always very supportive of anyone who wants to take on more responsibilities – it doesn’t matter what their background is. Our Packaging CEO, Stefano Rossi, is a textbook example – he made it from apprentice all the way to the top. All you need is to want it and make the effort.

Marco enjoys cycling with his wife & children
Marco enjoys cycling with his wife & children