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Viana Paper Mill, in northern Portugal, is one of the most important kraftliner paper mills in Europe. With a gross production capacity of 425,000 tonnes per year, the mill is a market leader in Southern Europe.

Mário Amaral, Mill Manager at DS Smith Viana Paper Mill, talks about our Purpose – Redefining Packaging for a Changing World. Take a look:

Following an ambitious modernisation plan in 2017, Viana mill became one of the most efficient kraftliner paper factories in Europe, delivering a product recognised for its high-quality standards. 


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PM two-layer machine

Grammage range: 115-300 g/m2
Production: 395,000 tonnes/year
Speed max: 1,000 m/min
Trim max: 6.55 m


1974 The mill was founded with a capacity of 136,000 tonnes per year
1987 New capacity – 220,000 tonnes per year following modernisation of the paper mill press section
1987 Start-up of a new Recycled Fibre Plant (RFP)
1997 New capacity – 270,000 tonnes per year following new approach screens, 2 new hydraulic headboxes, a new top mini-fourdrinier, extension of the bottom fourdrinier, new reel, modification of the steam section and condensate system, and a new wood chip thickness screen
2002 Installation of a new steam turbine
2003 New Twin-Roll Press for Virgin Fibre
2005 New Gas Turbine
2006 New Biomass Boiler
2007 New capacity – 311,000 tonnes per year
2006-2009 Continuous paper mill modification with a new hardnip calendar, complete rebuild of the drying section, rope-less tail threading system, new top-former on bottom fourdrinier, hood ventilation update, automatic reel spool handling system, and a new finishing line for paper rolls with a width of 3.5m
2009 New hardwood debarking line
2010 New gas turbine and a new steam turbine
2015-2017 Stabilization of the web and closing the open draws on press section. Installation of TwinRun Stabilizers and 3 OptiCleaners
2016-2017 Complete replacement of 11 vacuum pumps
2017 New Capacity – 395,000 tonnes per year achieved by a major rebuild of the press section

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DS Smith Paper Viana
Viana Paper Mill
Estrada 23 de Fevereiro, nº 372
4905-261 Deocriste
Viana do Castelo
Tel: +351 258 739 600

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