Aschaffenburg Paper Mill

One of Europe’s oldest paper mills, Aschaffenburg Mill in the centre of Germany was founded back in 1872.

The mill is widely acknowledged for its ability to meet the highest customer demands and most varied specifications. Since 1990, Aschaffenburg has produced lightweight medium from 100% recovered fibre.


  • Light Liner
  • Liner 3 
  • Medium HP / Medium HP Plus 
  • Light Medium / Light Medium Plus
  • Medium / Medium Plus


PM1 - Gapformer

Grammage range: 80-130 g/m2
Production: 420,000 tonnes/year
Speed max:  1,400 m/min
Trim max:  7.53 m


1872  Paper mill and pulp production build-up
1967  Production of 100% fluting made of high-yield pulp
1990 New paper machine for efficient & environmentally friendly production with 100% recovered fibre
1996 Acquisition by SCA
2005 Total machine rebuild to meet market demand for lightweight paper
2008 New winder & pope reel for better finishing quality
2009 Start-up production Testliner light weight grades
2012 Acquisition by DS Smith
2013  Start-up of new power plant


DS Smith Paper Deutschland GmbH
Aschaffenburg Mill
Weichertstraße 7
D-63741 Aschaffenburg

Tel: + 49 6021 400 0