The packaging must strengthen our brand in the wind turbine industry

Your Global Solution (YGS), which supplies spare parts and tools to a range of industries worldwide, including the wind turbine industry, contacted DS Smith saying it needed to strengthen the visibility of their brand in the eyes of its customers and technicians who use their products on site.


The packaging solution YGS used at the time consisted mainly of anonymous brown cardboard boxes, which were used for shipping to customers, so YGS wanted the packaging to help profile its image.


The initial dialogue about the functionality, strength, and visual appearance of the boxes eventually led to a range of stylish and functional packaging and shipping solutions to be used for YGS's various products. 

The solution was partly based on five differently-sized shipping boxes, as well as a cover for a tool carrying case that had previously been sent in brown cardboard boxes without any graphics. The specially designed sizes are a break from the tradition, covering the entire YGS product range and helping to speed up the packing process and make it more efficient. The packaging has also been made stronger than the previous solution in order to prevent any damage during transportation.

The graphics for the new packaging, which rely on the visual identity of Your Global Solutions, are offset-printed in a single colour and coated with a varnish. As a result, we're now able to offer beautiful, glossy packaging with a black background, the company logo printed in silver, and the URL in white lettering. The final touch in this packaging branding exercise was an appropriately branded logo tape, which will be used to seal boxes during transit.


  • The visual impact has ensured great recognisability with customers and end users
  • A faster and more efficient packaging process thanks to a versatile range of custom-sized shipping containers
  • Less transport damage and fewer customer complaints thanks to the high-strength packaging 

What does the customer make of it?

”After constructive discussions with DS Smith, we came up with some really good solutions. At YGS we are at a stage where we want to increase our company's visibility and we see packaging as an important piece of that puzzle.”
Dennis Christiansen
Marketing, Your Global Solution Aps