The baby pack is there to increase the sales of Fakta's baby products

As part of its plans to reach its target group (families with small children) in Fakta shops across the country, Coop Denmark wanted someone to develop for them a pack that would make a nice give-away to members of their baby club.

The challenge 

The pack needed to contain the basics for the young family, such as a dummy, diapers, baby oil, smoothies etc.  In addition, the pack needed to have a beautiful and inviting design, it needed to be easy to carry and easy for customers to take home from the shop. Coop Danmark also wanted to use the pack to increase the sales of the products included in it. For this reason, they realised they needed to showcase and promote the contents of the pack to families with small children.

The approach

DS Smith invited Coop Denmark for a coffee and a chat at its PackRight Centre in Taastrup. Here, DS Smith held a brief meeting with Coop Denmark and discussed its needs, expectations, and possibilities. A few days later, at the PackRight Centre in Taastrup the solution was unveiled to the customer, who approved it with some minor changes. The solution was a visually attractive baby suitcase with a handle, which made it easy for the customer to take it home from the shop. The pack (suitcase) was showcased and promoted in two prominent displays designed by Ulrik Rosenørn, a structural designer. 

The result

  • Easy-to-carry packaging that makes it easy for the consumer to take the pack home from the shop
  • Solid packaging that will survive the journey from the packer to the consumer without a problem
  • An attractive visual design that appeals to the new mother
  • The consumer being able to keep the pack at home, using it for storage
  • Eye-catching displays that bring the products in the pack to the fore 

What does the customer make of it?

DS Smith has listened to Coop and come up with something extraordinary by thinking outside the box. They have shown a lot of understanding and sympathy for our needs - not only in terms of the actual suitcase pack, but also in terms of the speed to market. They have delivered a unique product for a unique customer base. Coop wants to be unique about the products it sells and activities it undertakes. Our collaboration with DS Smith has delivered on exactly those values

— Jesper Stanley, Head of Category, Coop Danmark A/S