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When Matas approached DS Smith, they were faced with a slow, ineffective and non-ergonomic packing process for webshop orders. In addition, their shipping boxes did not have the optimal measurements in relation to the postal shipping rates. They needed to save time in the packing process and develop a more cost effective shipment solution.


Two new types of shipping boxes were developed. Thanks to the automatic bottom, the new boxes were easy to raise and assemble in an ergonomically way. Also, the boxes were adapted to the postal shipping rates, providing the customer with significant savings on shipping costs.

In addition, the boxes were designed with a range of additional benefits such as a reduction in CO2 emission due to the light and compact R-Flute® material.


  • €100.000 annual savings on shipping costs, because of the new optimized sizes of the boxes
  • Lower costs as automatic bottom ensures 30% quicker assembly of the boxes
  • Managed risk thanks to theft protection measures in the bottom of the box to minimise the risk of theft during shipment
  • Better environmental performance thanks to lower weight as DS Smith’s lighter R-Flute® maximises the amount of product per pallet
  • Easy opening with a “tear off” feature designed to make sure no tools are needed to open the box

The cooperation with DS Smith has been very satisfactory. Today, we have two shipping boxes instead of five and they have become much easier to pack and shipping costs have been lowered. We have experienced a close cooperation on the development of the solution and we really feel like DS Smith has listened and understood our needs.

— Mia Rasmussen, Logistics Coordinator Matas A/S