Rapid turnaround leads to rapid in-store sales for MIXIT

Since its 2010 launch in the Czech Republic MIXIT has been growing rapidly with a focus on a healthy and friendly relationship with customers and constantly bringing fresh, new ideas to the market.


This past Christmas, MIXIT wanted to develop a new approach to the traditional advent calendar and participated in several collaborative sessions with the packaging strategists at our PackRight Center in Boletice, Czech Republic. Time was very tight and the final product had to be on store shelves in time for the Christmas rush.

Our Approach:

By bringing together our customer, sales and design people and going through our well-established PackRight Approach we were able to develop a winning prototype very quickly. It featured a wonderful and festive design with 24 little windows where the consumers could find a tasty and  healthy treat, such as fruit bars, nuts or dried fruit. Thanks to the PackRight Approach the design, production and distribution could be done in time to hit store shelves for Christmas.


  • More sales as the innovative and healthy advent calendars sold out in just a few days contributing to the recent tripling of MIXIT’s annual turnover.
  • Strong branding as the unique look of the packaging conveyed the enjoyment of Mixit products during the festive period.
  • New customers as the unique product offering attracted consumers that hadn’t previously tried Mixit’s other products.