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Protecting and serving the freshest of fruit

Convini is a full service solution for food and beverages in the workplace available in over 15 Swedish cities. They offer self-service stores as well as coffee solutions to fit all types of workplaces and their mission is to help people feel good and achieve more.
They do this by focusing on taste, healthy food and well-being for breakfast, coffee, lunch, snack and dinner.

Health track

"Health is a strong ongoing trend," says Jonas Kaveryd, CEO of Convini. “And, of course, our goal is to contribute on as many levels as possible. First and foremost, through the opportunity for a tasty energy supplement at any time during the working day. In addition to good products, we are also extremely sure that the food is healthy and made of good raw materials.”

At the customer's terms

The company offers customized store solutions varying the frequency and products right up to customers who receive visits and refills up to six days a week. This makes products like sushi, fresh mackerel and other products with a short shelf-life possible.

The Challenge: Fruit on corrugated board!

"Our original requirement was to send out a loaded package that, with some handles, was turned into an inviting fruit dish," says Jonas.

Our Approach: Three levels

After exchanging several ideas and production meetings a variety of samples were prepared which were evaluated and refined until the final pack was developed.

When the pack is loaded, it works like a regular corrugated cardboard box. It is filled from above, with hard fruits in the bottom and softer fruits at the top. The transformation into fruit serving dish happens when the top is lifted off and the skirt is folded out. Abracadabra!

On the table is an inviting set of tasty fruits. The assortment is divided into "Good, Gooder and Goodest" classes - the latter means that the layout can highlight, for example, more delicate and delectable soft fruits such as strawberries or other berries.


  • Time-saving design that allows the safe transport and rapid display so Convini employees can make rapid deliveries and offer a highg level of service
  • A clever design and presentation solution to ensure Convini’s brand promise of the best, healthiest fruit is served in pristine condition
  • Delighted customers for Convini benefiting from the finest fresh fruit in the office