Innovative packaging for electronics up to 35kg

Combining DS Smith’s innovative corrugated designs with the flexibility of a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) membrane results in unparalleled cost-effective protection for fragile electronics.

Challenge:  Safe sustainable packaging for electronics

Safely, sustainably and cost-effectively transport sensitive electronics without resorting to oversized and overstuffed boxes that waste time, space and materials. Ideally, one style of packaging would be flexible enough to accept numerous different products.

Our Approach:  Combine flexible membranes with innovative corrugated designs

We combine innovative corrugated packaging designs with lightweight, easy to use and flexible membranes that can securely hold one or more items up to 35kg. Small items, such as a mobile phone, can be sealed, packed and transported in packaging that is only a single piece of cardboard reducing the manpower involved in packing, and emissions from transport. By using different thicknesses of PE or PU membranes we also use no more material than necessary. And the membrane doesn’t have to be removed before sending the packaging to be recycled. Larger items, up to a full-sized television, benefit from a combined membrane and corrugated insert ensuring it arrives safe and sound in its easy to use and recyclable packaging.


  • Excellent protection ideally suited to electronics with a minimum of material
  • Easy recyclability
  • Fast and easy packaging with TPU membrane combined with one piece corrugated packaging
  • Flexibility to pack different items within the same packaging
  • Adaptability to products weighing 1kg – 35 k