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High-end display boosts sales of respirator

iTools is a Danish trading company with special focus on safety equipment, including respiratory masks for industry and DIY stores. iTools' mask is based on the latest technology, giving the product some clear advantages over competing products, and iTools needed a display that could help to highlight these benefits to customers.

The challenge

iTools' masks are characterized by high quality and stand out compared with similar products on the market, but on store shelves among competing products the higher quality wasn’t evident to shoppers. iTools therefore needed a striking display to highlight the unique advantages and stand out in stores. The display should be both functional, to be used in several contexts, while having a design that reflects the high quality of the products.

Our approach

DS Smith's team designed a flexible display which can be converted from a disc to a floor display with two trays. Thus, the display size can be adjusted as needed.

Additionally, there was a focus on the visual design. The display is produced with a high-end visual design to reflect the high-quality products. It stands out thanks to a shiny finish and printing on the inside. Both features give the display a feeling of exclusivity, thereby creating the right framework for the product.

The final solution was developed in close cooperation with iTools, who had numerous ideas for the display and came with inputs throughout the process. The display is therefore tailored to iTools needs and completely in line with the brand's DNA.


  • Double the sales from the display compared to the performance on-shelf.
  • An eye-catching display which attracts attention to the product
  • A flexible display which can be converted from a disc to a floor display

Customer experience

Cooperation with DS Smith has worked really well. DS Smith has come up with some different models, and then we worked our way towards the right solution. Throughout the whole process, there has been a really good dialogue, and we are very happy with the display, which has been a huge win in terms of sales.

Ulrik Bruhn, Managing Director, iTools