Flowers Direct in full bloom thanks to DS Smith

DS Smith’s UK packaging division has helped Flowers Direct create a new eye-catching e-retail pack that protects its product through the whole supply cycle.


Online floral retailer Flowers Direct, challenged DS Smith to come up with packaging that encapsulated its brand values - simple, genuine, natural and fresh. The packaging had to be easy to open, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and protect the fresh flowers it would transport.


Flowers Direct and DS Smith agreed from the outset that the packaging needed to create a point of difference, be unique in the marketplace and provoke a strong positive reaction on arrival. DS Smith’s team reviewed customer insight and the brand essence, as well as auditing more traditional elements such as the packing process and courier system.


  • A new e-retail pack which ensures security and protection of the products, whilst maintaining the brands identity
  • A pack with a unique shape, that is easy to open and that meets all of Flowers Direct’s environmental requirements
  • An integrated single, self-sealing tape which limits confusion when opening while maintaining security through transit, ensuring there is no damage to the flowers


Home shopping is the fastest-growing retail market in Europe and it’s clear that it’s a channel that’s here to stay. With a particularly fragile product and a business that relies heavily on e-retail, it was crucial for Flowers Direct to have a pack that protected its product through the most rigorous and complex of supply cycles. Early engagement with Flowers Direct allowed DS Smith to ensure its design aligned with the customer’s whole marketing strategy, as well as their logistical needs.