Display stand for Sinituote Oy cleans up on the sales front

Sinituote Oy of Finland is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, durable and eco-friendly cleaning products for the consumer market. Their sponge cloths, designed for kitchen and bathroom use, come in various patterns and are sold without packaging.

The challenge

Sinituote Oy wanted to gain more in-store visibility with a striking display and be able to assemble the display in their factory.  The solution developed by DS Smith allowed Sinituote Oy to increase sales and reduce costs.

Our solution

DS Smith created a display stand for Sinituote Oy with numerous compartments exactly the right size for neatly displaying the sponge cloths whilst also showcasing the pattern.

The stand can be assembled and filled at the factory, and the contents of the stand can be tailored separately for each store. The assembled stand is placed in the transport box, specifically designed for the purpose, from which it is quick and easy to unpack and display in store.

The solution makes it easy to display the products in store. The sponge cloths stay in their compartments during transport and Sinituote Oy gains valuable visibility in stores. The new solution allows the customer to increase sales, as more than half of purchase decisions are made at the store. 

The result

  • Increased sales thanks to greater in-store visibility and instant brand recognition from a distance
  • Reduced handling costs as the display is filled with sponges once, in the factory, and arrives in store ready to be placed on the shop floor
  • Easy transportation and installation with a specially designed box for the display unit.
  • Targeted performance as the contents of each display unit can be tailored to suit the needs and demands of each store
  • Good environmental performance, reinforcing the commitment of Sinituote Oy's brand, with a fully recyclable display.