Collaboration = optimal solution crafted in just a few hours

A global electronics manufacturer joined us in one of our PackRight Centres, where our unique development approach delivered the perfect packaging solution in next to no time.


Our client, a global electronics manufacturer, designs and creates innovative products that make our world cleaner and more sustainable, keep us more secure, and allow us to be more connected and productive. While they make the world outside their own four walls a better place, they also continually strive to make their own businesses even more productive, environmentally friendly, and sustainable.

As part of that on-going progression, this company’s automation and control division invited DS Smith to explore ways to improve their packaging solutions. As a close partner for more than eight years, they knew we were the right people to turn to. They were confident that, as packing strategists and electronics industry specialists, we understood the latest packaging possibilities and, more importantly, how that could help them achieve their ambitions.

Our approach

A team from the company spent a day with us at our DS Smith PackRight Centre in Budapest. A lively brainstorming session with our design experts provided a great opportunity for sharing concerns, ambitions, and a wealth of creative ideas. During the session the attendees discovered a number of viable possibilities, including adapting one specific packaging solution, which, at that time, protected multiple variations of one of the company’s products.

Our experts then put their heads together to propose an optimal solution. They revealed how designing a specific packaging solution for the most popular – and also smallest – product variation would help the company both increase efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

Then, our experts put their skills to work to propose a final solution. They had prototypes ready to test and to take away in next to no time. Some of these prototypes were drop tested on the day to confirm their ability to adequately protect the product. The company team took the rest back to their manufacturing plant to share with their colleagues. After the meeting the client had this to say: 

I enjoyed meeting with you and look forward to working with you. As discussed this is about partnership where the result should be win-win for both organisations.


The global electronics manufacturer entered our unique creative environment armed with their challenges and vision. Our unique creative approach meant they were able to:

  • Appraise the latest packaging techniques and materials firsthand
  • Tap into our packaging expertise to answer specific questions and address unique concerns
  • Leave our facility, just a few hours after arriving, armed with a viable solution

The chosen solution reduces the amount of “empty” space within packaging that protects more than a million products a year. By doing so it:

  • Improved truck utilisation by 17%
  • Reduced the amount of space needed for storing flat-pack packaging
  • Cut waste for the electronics manufacturer’s customers

After seeing the results of our approach the client said, “I do ask for a lot, however, as a supplier you should be aware by now of my respect for DS Smith.” He went on to add:

I think you guys have done an awesome job with all the packaging. I have enjoyed working with you guys and look forward to doing more projects in the future.

At DS Smith, we find it really rewarding to work together with our customers and solve their problems. It is by pushing the boundaries of collaboration and creation that we come up with exciting new ideas. And, by providing prototypes to share with colleagues, our customers see how the new solution really addresses their needs.