Brasserie Castelain moves upmarket in France

The family business teams up with DS Smith to give its beers a new look.

It’s often said that what northern France lacks in sunshine it makes up for in the warmth of its people. An idea exemplified by sharing a CH’TI beer (CH’TI, bière de Garde) from Brasserie Castelain. To celebrate its 90th anniversary, the brewery Brasserie Castelain wanted to evolve its range towards the premium segment and they entrusted DS Smith to develop the new packaging.


Adapt the packaging of a well-known and well-loved brand to be more up to date and help them move towards the premium beer segment.

Our Approach:

We began the development of the new packaging with inspiration from Brasserie Castelain’s new logo which is round, modern and more impactful. Nicolas Castelain, the head of the brewery, wanted packs designed to literally and figuratively fit his products, which are manufactured in a traditional way, with family know-how.

Our packaging strategists developed two different packages, for 6 bottles of 75cl and 12 bottles of 33cl. Crucially, both proposals can be printed offset or pre-print HD depending on the needs of Brasserie Castelain. We also developed a POS display to boost sales in store by conveying the brand and its premium value to consumers.


  • More sales thanks to eye-catching and unique packaging that helps CH’TI, bière de Garde stand out from the crowd.
  • Lower costs with the flexibility to produce packaging in printed offset or pre-print HD depending on what makes the most sense.
  • Great brand awareness with a premium in-store POS display