Another nail in the coffin for Automotive industry’s wooden boxes

We are helping the automotive industry make significant savings in all areas of the supply chain with our innovative approach to packaging.


Find a solution to the heavy, breakable, difficult to recycle and expensive wooden creates often used in the automotive industry.

Our Approach

Our experts at our Heavy Duty Knowledge Centre have been able to convert many products that have traditionally been packed in wooden cases to new, modern alternatives that combine wood and corrugated board leading to savings in many areas

Corrugated cardboard packaging combined with wood


  • Lower cost of materials compared to all-wood crates
  • Lower storage costs as packaging takes up less room prior to use
  • Lower transport costs as more packaging can be placed in each truck
  • Lower staffing costs as the lighter combined packaging is easier to use
  • Greater environmental friendliness as the corrugated element is 100% recyclable
  • Less waste as combination packaging is custom made so there is less excess material