Rehearsing the future

The world in 2025: Three scenarios for future of the packaging industry

At the moment, some of our most basic assumptions about the world are being questioned.Today, it seems harder than ever to look into the future.

Planning for the futures

While we can’t forecast every innovation and disruption before they happen, it’s vital that we understand the powerful forces set to shape our industry in the next few years.

You’ll read about some of the big trends we see forging the future over the next decade. In the coming weeks, you’ll see some speculations on possible outcomes – three different versions of the world in 2025.

These aren’t predictions. They’re scenarios; each one is plausible, but radically different to today’s business environment. They are the result of interviews and workshops carried out by a cross-section of staff at DS Smith, as well as some external experts. We’d like you to be a part of them as well.

If they provoke you to ask new questions, or inspire ideas of your own, please get in touch. Because we intend to be one of the companies that will not only thrive in that future, but to be one that shapes it too.