Packaging Strategists

As products move through an increasingly complex supply chain, and compete for attention in ever more crowded environments, the pressure for packaging to perform has never been greater.

Through innovation and collaboration, our strategic approach considers every aspect of our customers’ economic, social and environmental needs. From the factory floor to the shop door, our solutions create competitive advantage at every stage of the supply cycle.


Our packaging and display strategists, with their cross-industry experience, work in partnership with our customers to deliver results through packaging. We do this by helping them  increase sales, lower cost and manage risks.

To help you get the most from corrugated packaging, you can access our comprehensive range of materials, design expertise and print techniques, supported by our continuous innovation programmes.  And, with know-how and packaging production across Europe, we can help wherever you operate.

Stefano Rossi, DS Smith Packaging CEO

I am Stefano Rossi, DS Smith Packaging CEO. With the right strategy, processes, tools, skills and enthusiasm, everyone in the organisation is dedicated to creating outstanding value for our customers. I am a packaging strategist.

— Stefano Rossi, DS Smith Packaging CEO