Stacking up the sales!

Whenever you want to stack Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) or display units, on fixture or off shelf, Trayzer® helps shoppers see your product and make your presentation compelling. Whenever shoppers can shop more easily, the sales stack up!

Flexible, dynamic promotions

Trayzer® creates a flexible and dynamic campaign tool. For differing store formats – forecourts, cash and carry, supermarkets or hyper stores - or across multiple formats, Trayzer® offers the right options. For instance:

  • Every Trayzer® can be stacked on another. It’s ideal for impulse sales or launches, whether you’re promoting a single product or running a co-promotion with several items
  • Even in a full stack, Trayzer® makes it easy for shoppers to see the product in every layer, to reach inside and to buy it
  • Trayzer® can fit many merchandising platforms, such as quarter or half pallets, in many supply chains

On shelf and multi-channel options

On shelf, Trayzer® offers important new options whenever:

  • You need a common pack to supply multiple channels, some off and some on shelf
  • Product is stacked on shelf in your retail channels, in retail ready packaging

Effective in packing and distribution

The Trayzer® family is suitable for hand packing or for high volume automation. For applications where volume is growing, simple devices are available to accelerate packing rates.

A simple hood (or overall protection for pre-packed, stacked units) protects products in transit, thus ensuring optimum impact on arrival in store.

Help shoppers shop with Trayzer®!