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Collaborate or die, in an ever-changing industry

Some analysts believe the automotive industry will change more in the next 10 years than it has in the previous 100. Products, processes and markets are changing faster and more dramatically than ever before and the advent of electric, hybrid and driverless cars looks set to revolutionise and upturn the entire sector.

In light of this more complex and diversified landscape, suppliers and manufacturers will need to collaborate, not only to meet customer demand but also to seek sustainability improvements and efficiencies in the supply chain.

As a business driven by innovation, we are constantly exploring what impact alternative solutions can have on our customers’ productivity and future growth. One key way in which we do this is at our PackRight Centres - physical places where true collaboration between all sorts of functions in our customers’ businesses becomes possible. Together we explore packaging’s performance at each stage of the supply cycle, drawing on cross-industry insight and new technologies to generate ideas, boost performance and pass on best practice.

Peter Foot, Marketing & Innovation Director at the company's Heavy Duty division at Hinckley (where much of our Automotive expertise is based) , explains: “A workshop at a PackRight Centre cements the bond between DS Smith and our customer. We bring together team members from different disciplines at DS Smith for a time of maximum collaboration. Our conversations focus on supply cycle effectiveness and how we can maximise opportunities to increase sales, lower cost and manage risk.

“We also explore where we think the industry might be heading and what our customers can do to keep ahead of the competition. The key to a successful, collaborative relationship is having customer buy-in and working with key individuals from both organisations who can influence change.

“Our PackRight Workshops are like giving your automotive business a regular health check. As a packaging and supply cycle specialist, we have an overview of the industry like no other and are also privy to all sorts of insight that we glean from working with big players in other sectors. We pride ourselves in investing in the latest technology and the best talent so we can provide our customers with dynamic and forward-thinking insight which can transform their supply cycle.”

Because DS Smith is a global company which operates in 40 countries, it is able to manage global automotive projects locally. We can provide a “one stop shop” to support your entire packaging strategy and combine state-of-the-art machinery with unparalleled sector specific expertise to deliver what you need. We understand the complexities of the global automotive supply chain and are committed to forging long-term partnerships where you can be open about the pressures you face and together we can find solutions that unlock greater opportunities and maximise efficiencies.