Two more WorldStars for our German colleagues

DS Smith will receive two of the most important awards of the packaging industry at this year's awards ceremony in Sydney, Australia, on May 9th.

The Xfach Folding Coil and the AXE "ANARCHY" display convinced the jury of the World Packaging Organization (WPO). Both solutions are the most innovative and outstanding developments in their categories this year.

Only packagings and displays which won a national contest are able to achieve a WorldStar. The Xfach Folding Coil for Equisa AG and the AXE "ANARCHY" display qualified for the WorldStar in September when receiving the German Packaging Award 2012. These solutions from DS Smith were chosen from 316 contestants from 32 countries and additionally have won the "Oscar" of the packaging industry. Therewith they are the world's best developments of the past year.

The AXE "ANARCHY" display bestowed a WorldStar for DS Smith in the category "Health and Beauty". The display was developed to promote Unilever's brand AXE "ANARCHY". ANARCHY means disarrangement and chaos. This is perfectly implemented by the construction of the display, because the trays are attached inclined and asymmetrically. This attention-grabbing secondary display shifts the corporate claim to the point of sale. It makes the brand tangible at the point of sale, is an eye-catcher for consumers and is supposed to improve the rate of impulse purchases. With a product sample the product becomes sensually perceivable. The products on the trays are arranged differently. Another special feature is the design, with regards to a possible 60- and 120-pieces arrangement. Therefore it is more flexible to use for retailers of all sizes. The display's open construction enables sales from three sites.

axe anarchy

The Xfach Folding Coil, made for Equisa AG, received a WorldStar in the category "Other". The Xfach Folding Coil is designed for multiple use for rubber seal, foam plastic strings, cable and similar. The innovative system is constructed in a way that the Coil can be folded and put upright within no time and therefore is perfectly designed for multiple use. Additionally to the easy handling the Folding Coil offers more logistic advantages: The Coil is one single piece and stays connected when folded and loosing components can be avoided effectively. The easy-to-recycle product is made out of 100 % corrugated board, has tucked-in closure and does not need to be glued. This characteristic and the possibility of multiple use make the Coil economical and ecological valuable.

roll-off cable"We are very proud and appreciate the two WorldStars as awards for our innovative strength", stated Carolyn Wagner, Managing Director Germany, Austria and Switzerland of DS Smith Packaging. "The AXE "ANARCHY" display illustrates how classical displays with elaborate designs can attract new attention beyond known "own strengths" at the traditional point of sale. The ingenious design of the Xfach Folding Coil makes it an economical and ecological valuable solution", Wagner said.

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