DS Smith awarded at POPAI Poland Awards 2012

DS Smith received a honourable mention in the “Temporary Display"

In the Summer of 2011, toy manufacturer Mattel introduced a new line of dolls called Monster High and needed a controversial design, which would help in promoting and exposing the product, as well as representing the concept of the new product’s image.

The project involved various countries in Eastern Europe and resulted in three display constructions: a coffin, a castle and a gate. The gate was used to communicate the new product, while the displays served as a means of communication, as well as a Point of Sale for the product.

Monsters High line displaysThe display featured an innovative addition that captured the attention of consumers: a motion sensor box that reacted to motion in the display area and emitted the sound of a creaking door and the meowing of a frightened cat.

The project became an instant hit and brought a surprisingly larger than expected sales increase for the Monster High line, as well as providing great promotional support for the product. The success of the project contributed to a positive recommendation from Mattel Poland and will allow DS Smith a chance to work with Mattel on a European scale in the future.