DD Wrap: An Innovation in circular shelf-ready packaging

Created for the circular economy, with resource and waste reduction at the core of the design from inception, the DD Wrap is an innovative and sustainable shelf-ready packaging solution. It is circular economy ready while it is also increasing supply chain efficiency and enhancing the in-store shopping experience.

The DD Wrap packaging is customised for a variety of packaging solutions and is created from a single piece of cardboard without perforation at the front side to improve visibility and appeal at the point of display. It is easy to open to improve accessibility which reduces the need for sharp tools during box opening.

The first DD Wrap packaging solution was developed to contain biscuits but can be tailored for other products as well. The designers have been able to minimise the amount of material and resources used, as well as reduce the size of the boxes which eliminates empty space.

DD Wrap - Retail.jpg

According to recent research by IGD (The Institute of Grocery Distribution), 53% of consumers feel that high quality shelf-ready packaging improves brand communication and 85% of shoppers think that in-store marketing is more likely to influence their purchase decisions. 42% of consumers believe that shelf ready packaging with clear presentation makes shopping easier.

As leaders in the packaging industry, we know that innovation and design are essential to creating sustainable and efficient solutions that meet the needs of our customers and society.

Francesco Barsanti
Sales, Marketing & Innovation Director, DS Smith, Italy