From crazy idea to stylish eco-design with circular ready packaging

Behind the growing number of Finnish success stories we find a combination of fearless minds and ideas that first strike you as outrageous. Woodio is an apt example – the company makes washbasins and other bathroom fixtures from wood fibre, Scandinavian eco-design.

Firm belief and overcoming challenges

The original idea with Woodio was to use wood composite to manufacture bathroom tiles. After examining the idea closer from a business perspective, the decision was made to first start manufacturing washbasins. Soon after came bathtubs and, the latest addition, wooden hooks. The company is also planning to add tiles and toilet bowls to its selection.


Woodio’s products are 100% waterproof wood composite, and yet many customers wonder if they can trust the durability of wood in moist conditions. They want to hear what actually makes the products fully water-resistant.

Toimitusjohtaja Petro Lahtinen - Woodio

Our main raw material is woodchip. In the mould, it is mixed with resin which then hardens around the chips and encapsulates the wood. This leaves a water-resistant agent on the surface. We use polyester resin, which means that half of the material is bio-based, and half is fossil.

— Toimitusjohtaja Petro Lahtinen - Woodio

The innovative design is sparking interest and the company was recently granted German Design Award 2021.

Sustainable development and small highlights

Sustainable development and the circular economy are both at the very heart of Woodio’s business. They have an ambitious mission: to significantly reduce their contribution to global carbon dioxide emissions. The mission is based on the fact that the ceramics industry, as the source for washbasins and tiles, is among the worst polluters in the world. The company’s vision also has an environmental focus.

”We aspire to become a globally significant eco-design company. We know that the material we have invented and developed could also be used for a wide range of other products. ”

Petro Lahtinen finds that Woodio has, for its own part, revolutionized the mindset when it comes to ecology in bathrooms. Traditionally, ecology in bathrooms has referred to saving water, not material-related aspects.

”From the circular economy perspective, our product brings true impact as it enables 100% use as energy waste. In other words, it leaves no trace. This is a very important aspect in construction.”


At Woodio, the focus on environmental performance covers the entire production chain, including packages. Petro Lahtinen’s history with DS Smith began even before Woodio, in his previous companies. The collaboration was so smooth that he also wanted to continue it with his current company.

What’s key in our cooperation with DS Smith is that I don’t have to worry about the packaging anymore, everything just runs so smoothly. We receive the models quickly and orders always arrive on time. It is also very important for us that the packages are visually attractive. We want our packaging to be a small highlight in our customer’s day!”

This has been proven to be the case. Social media, and particularly Instagram, has been flooded with videos in which the receiver marvels at Woodio’s stylish package while unboxing.