Dairy industry –packaging trends not to miss

Demand for dairy products is expected to keep rising for the coming years, driven by growing populations, higher income levels and rising health awareness. The market is dominated by sales of milk, followed by sales of butter and cheese. Next packaging trends will be dominated by ingenious and more sustainable packaging, here are some of them.

Cool packaging solutions for those on the go

Most consumers today lead a hectic lifestyle. This means they are constantly looking for opportunities to buy products easy to reach, hold, eat or carry. To meet these desires, companies need to put extra effort into developing food packaging to make it "smart" and portable.

imageids6.pngReplacing plastics with Circular Ready packaging solutions

Environmental protection has never been more important than today. Increasing pressure from global organizations, customers, and political institutions is driving companies to look for alternatives to plastic packaging.

DS Smith’s Croatian business partner, Vindija DD, specialized in dairy products and beverages, asked DS Smith Packaging Specialists to find a solution to their milk “6 pack”. The objective was to replace problem plastics packaging with a more sustainable solution. Based on the customer's request, DS Smith’s team, in cooperation with the Vindija DD, developed a practical solution that replaces plastics without losing usability, protection, and cost-efficiency. By developing a solution, made with corrugated cardboard, DS Smith strives to meet all these requirements but with a 100% recyclable solution contributing to a more sustainable society.


Attract customers with DS Smith Circular ready packaging solutions

Today consumers don’t just expect but are actively looking for more sustainable packaging. Additionally, whether it's traditional retail or e-commerce - the need to stand out is greater than ever before. Packaging is now part of the product itself and fully contributes to the customer experience. One of the best ways to attract your customers is to design attractive sustainable packaging to stand out from the shelves. The sooner consumers find what they are looking for, the more likely they are to decide to buy your product.