DS Smith Denmark redefined the tradition of Christmas donations

This year, DS Smith Denmark has again redefined the tradition of Christmas donations and charitable gifts. Our Danish colleagues approached our customers and suppliers to offer them the opportunity to vote on which organisation DS Smith donations should be made to.

A box of chocolates is always lovely. However, what is more meaningful is making a difference to our planet and other people. This is what is happening thanks to DS Smith Denmark’s brilliant initiative: customers and suppliers were asked to vote on their preferred organisation to receive our Christmas donation.

Driven by our Purpose and our Now & Next Sustainability strategy, DS Smith Denmark had pre-selected some important organisations through an online voting webpage shared by the sales colleagues.
The pre-selected organizations were SMILfonden, Vild med Vilje and Klimatræ. The split of the votes and the donation of 13,500 Euro (100,000 DKK) can be seen below:


DS Smith is delighted to see that our customers are aligned with our values and contributed with us to support these organisations with their votes.

Organisations were cheerful to see such involvement and they addressed these messages to all the voters:


"Your generous donation will go to SMILfonden’s creative workshop SMILET at Copenhagen Hospital and at Aarhus University Hospital. SMILET is for hospitalized children who can get a break respite from illness and for a while forget about being in a hospital.

Here they can create new friendships and communities and gain some good memories of their time in the hospital, so it is not so scary if they need to visit us again. In fact, there are some children who almost do not want to go home from the hospital again and would rather stay in the SMILE. We cannot ask for more."

- Founder and Director of SMILfonden Sisse Fisker 



"With this wonderful donation, we will plant 1,500 “Climate trees” on Norddjurs in Denmark. All the trees that are planted will be the "Douglas fir" variety. We precisely plant these trees, as they are fast-growing and resistant to wind and weather. In this way, we ensure and estimate a CO2 uptake of up to 1000 tons over the next 50-60 years."

- Emilie from Klimatræ


Vild med Vilje

"In Vild med Vilje, we are very honored to receive this Christmas donation from DS Smith. We send a big thank you to everyone who has voted for us. The donation will be used by the association to further strengthen the work for the wilder nature and biodiversity. We will do that by mobilizing even more people to make room for wilder nature where they live and work. Additionally, we plan to make easily accessible knowledge material and events with knowledge sharing about wilder nature, so more are professionally dressed to make a local difference in biodiversity."

- Philip Hahn-Petersen,  Vild med Vilje