DS Smith promotes new recycled Bübchen Skin Care bottle with sustainable display

Winner of the German Packaging Award 2021

Bübchen will save 116 tonnes of plastic in 2021 alone with its new bottle* made from 100 percent recycled plastic. The environmentally friendly packaging and its mildly caring contents are promoted in stores by an equally sustainable, circular ready sales display from DS Smith.

Even from a distance, the secondary placement in the form of the iconic Bübchen bottle draws attention to the popular baby and children's care products.  The natural coloured corrugated board of the display corpus, printed in the brand's strong blue, impressively emphasises the ecological claim that the market leader in the Kids Care segment in Germany pursues with its rPET packaging. The corrugated cardboard used for the display corpus is therefore also made of 100 per cent recycled material, which can be reused many times as a fibre-based material. The successful mix of product presentation, sustainability and functionality was worthy of an award from the jury of this year's German Packaging Award. They chose DS Smith's brand-appropriate sales display as the winner in the category ‘product presentation’.


Bübchen has been protecting delicate baby and children's skin for over 60 years. "And what is gentle on the skin should also be gentle on the environment," says Sarah Elin Vogelpoth, Trade Marketing Manager at Bübchen Skincare GmbH, explaining the company's latest sustainability offensive. "As a pioneer in the field of baby and children's care, we have been producing in a climate-neutral way at our production site in Soest since this year. The conversion of our blue Bübchen bottles to 100 per cent recycled plastic* makes a significant contribution to this." From baby and children's shampoo to cream care bath to lotion, milk and baby oil, the new rPET bottles have been on the market since January. "The secondary placement, with which we are giving them an eye-catching presence in retail outlets throughout Germany, is of course intended to be just as resource-saving and recyclable," emphasises Sarah Elin Vogelpoth. "In cooperation with our strategic partner DS Smith, we have found the perfect solution."

In order to optimally communicate the topic of sustainability at the point of sale, the display corpus of the goods-carrying ¼ Chep solution from DS Smith not only consists of 100 per cent recycled corrugated cardboard. As a mono-material solution, it can be easily returned to the recycling loop after use. Completely in line with DS Smith's sustainability strategy "For Now and Next", where one of the goals is to produce 100 per cent recyclable or reusable packaging by 2023. The logo, brand message and the blue of the "bottle cap" were printed directly onto the brown corrugated cardboard. The prefixed element, which indicates the environmentally friendly rPET bottle at the top of the display, was printed on white paper. The brown corrugated board was deliberately not lacquered.


With its unusual design, the DS Smith display is a real eye-catcher on the sales floor. In XXL format of the iconic blue Bübchen bottle, the secondary placement arouses curiosity about the new ecological packaging of the popular baby and children’s care series. The appealing product presentation on two levels ensures an unobstructed view and easy access to the Bübchen products, which are also being used by more and more adults for the gentle care of their own skin.

In addition to the choice of materials and the brand-appropriate design, which appeals to parents and environmentally conscious consumers alike, the secondary placement convinces with its easy handling. Thanks to the pre-glued display sleeve, it can be easily assembled and filled by the confectioner and is stable enough to carry the heavy weight of the product without any plastic. Once it arrives at the retailer, all that remains to be done is to remove the cover and the sale can begin.

* excludes closure, label and dyes