DS Smith develops sustainable e-commerce box for Toff Design shishas

"Goodbye filling materials, hello product experience!"

The Swiss company Toff Drehteile AG manufactures high-quality water pipes in purist functional design under the label 'toff design shishas', produced with state-of-the-art CNC machines. To ensure that the premium products arrive at the customer without scratches and damage, the traditional family business relies on a new, sustainable e-commerce packaging. The material-optimized solution was developed and produced by DS Smith. The unusual design consists of a lower and an upper open corrugated board inlay. The inlays not only fix the sensitive shishas absolutely securely in the packaging without additional filling materials, but also guarantee an impressive unboxing experience. After all, the first thing the customer sees after opening the box is his individually produced hookah in stylish contrast to the natural corrugated cardboard.

toffdesignshishas-violett-orange-rhein_920.jpgImage source: Toff Drehteile AG 'toff design shishas'. 

Smoking hookahs is the latest trend. The shishas, which originated in the southern and eastern Mediterranean region, have long been on everyone's lips in this country, too. Exclusive smoking pleasure is promised by 'toff design shishas' with its designer water pipes. The shishas are manufactured at the headquarters of the family business to a high standard of quality and, at the request of the customer, also individually. Fabian Toff, Managing Director of 'toff design shishas' emphasizes: "For online shipping, we were looking for packaging that would reliably protect our sensitive premium products in transit and at the same time stage the unpacking process as an emotional moment. In addition, the solution had to be sustainable and space-saving to store."

DS Smith E-Com-VP_Toff_3_920.jpg

The e-commerce packaging in EB corrugated developed by DS Smith in accordance with their circular design principles, which the company developed together with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, meets the requirements 100 percent. The two inserts ensure that the stylish hookahs lie very straight, firm and compact in the shipping carton. The material-optimized solution requires just as little filling material as adhesive tape, because the box can be closed simply and securely by means of tuck-in tabs. To protect the package contents, which are in the higher price segment, from theft during transport, the packaging is deliberately not printed. In addition, the natural corrugated board underlines the sustainability claim of the product and the company.

DS Smith E-Com-VP_Toff_2_920.jpgWhile the design is neutral on the outside, the real wow effect awaits inside the packaging. The sole focus is on the shisha, whose stylish color design contrasts aesthetically with the brown of the corrugated board inlays. The unpacking experience emotionalizes and gives the premium products from 'toff design shishas' an unforgettable appearance. Last but not least, DS Smith's solution conserves resources, reduces disposal costs and, as a mono-material solution, is simply fed into the paper recycling loop. This is fully in line with DS Smith's new sustainability strategy "Now and Next” goal of producing 100% reusable or recyclable packaging by 2023. 

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