Christmas Sleigh made with cardboard!

What’s Father Christmas without his sleigh? After our successful Halloween “cardstumes” guides, here is a new idea to stand out with fun. At DS Smith, we are constantly looking for creative ideas to reduce plastic use and for the Christmas celebration, we propose our vision of Father Christmas sleigh with step by step guide.

Even though you have finalized the holiday decoration and the whole house is shining in the enchanting spirit of Christmas, there is something that you are missing. Of course, it's the fully recyclable Father Christmas’s sleigh that will bring the heaps of gifts.


At DS Smith, we’re always on the lookout for ways to reduce plastic use and we’re excited to share this easy-to-follow guide to help families reuse cardboard boxes at home, before ensuring they’re properly recycled. Our ‘cardstumes’  not only look great, but they also help in the effort to reduce the amount of hard to recycle material used – and the subsequent waste – while providing a fun and educational activity for children on the importance of reuse and recycling.


Let your creativity flow to make the most wonderful Sleigh and do not hesitate to share your most beautiful creations with us on social media using the tags #cardstumes #cardboardcrafts.