New Environment Bill, UK, brings important changes

On 15 October 2021, the UK government announced a new Environment Bill bringing several important changes to UK climate policy.

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''We are delighted to see the Environment Act becoming law and welcome the Government’s efforts to transition to a more circular economy.

As a leading provider of sustainable packaging and recycling solutions, DS Smith supports the reforms to the waste and recycling system, specifically the move to more consistent collection infrastructures. Combining consistency with separate collections of paper and card will help increase recycling rates, get the UK back on track for its recycling targets, and contribute to protecting our natural resources.

Moving forward cross industry collaboration is key, as is working with a wide variety of stakeholders. All elements of The Act need to be properly considered, as such we welcome any opportunity to work with policy makers and other stakeholders so we can put in place the infrastructure needed to realise the country’s short, medium and long term sustainability goals.''