Reusable tray with side automatic base - less complexity, more sustainability

DS Smith’s team in Germany brings an innovative product development to the market with the quickly erectable tray. Equipped with two lateral automatic bases, the stable, material-optimized packaging solution can be erected in no time at all, saving valuable time in logistics. The smart, 100% recyclable construction made of 100% corrugated cardboard also scores with its high sustainability. Because when the tray is no longer needed, it can just as easily be folded up again and stored in a space-saving way until it is needed again. Whether for transport, storage or product presentation - the easily and safely stackable reusable tray is suitable for a wide variety of sectors and uses.


At DS Smith, we systematically develop innovative ideas and turn them into solutions with real added value. How it is done? Always ask the right questions and then deviate from usual thought patterns. In both display and packaging development, the company pursues a holistic approach that takes the entire supply cycle into account. Our designers consistently apply the Circular Design Principles that the company developed together with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. One of the five principles is ‘we find a better way’ which is all about challenging what is really possible.

As in the case of the quickly erectable and reusable tray that DS Smith recently presented in Germany. Thanks to the unusual design with automatic side bases, this innovative solution not only simplifies logistical workflows. The tray is material-optimized (reduce), reusable (reuse) and made of 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard (recycle).

The new solution is delivered flat and pre-glued. It can be erected on-site in just a few steps. The integrated stacking lugs allow several trays to be stacked safely and without slipping. The reinforced corners ensure high load-bearing capacity. When the trays are no longer needed, they can be folded up again quickly and easily thanks to the automatic bases on the sides. And without damage, so that their functionality is fully preserved for the next use.