Smart e-commerce packaging that delights customers with Orange Center Bulgaria.

DS Smith has developed new smart packaging with the retail chain Orange Center Bulgaria that can easily be adapted to fit the size, the shape, and the number of items.

If you love books and can't break away from them. If your weekend starts with a good coffee and a book? Then you can indulge in this experience at any time! Orange Center Bulgaria is a retail chain that offers a rich assortment of books, music, videos and office products. The large commercial space of the stores, combined with the "Books, Music, Stationery" concept, make the chain unique for Bulgaria as a place integrating a modern spirit.

The challenge

Multichannel services (online and offline) have their own specificities. Indeed, selling a large number of items such as books with many different sizes and shapes is a challenge in terms of packaging and delivery. It requires to have various sizes and models of packaging which undoubtedly increase the cost in the supply chain, storage, unit costs, etc. 


The solution

Packaging Strategist from DS Smith Bulgaria and Orange Center collaborated to develop smart and innovative e-commerce packaging that could fit various sizes of products. This smart packaging or multi-sized packaging can be adapted to the size, shape, and number of items. The result is multi-size packaging that is ingeniously designed with multiple creases/pre-made scores allowing you to adjust the size. You can quickly create your own custom-size packs.

This means fewer different models of packaging, this contributes to unification and standardization of dimensions and induces a reduction of the unit cost. This new packaging is also optimized to reduce supply chain costs, there is no more empty space in the box, no plastic bubble wrap or other filling material is needed. It also includes a locking tab that eliminates double-sided tape. In addition to all these features, this solution is made with 100% cardboard, fully recyclable, and ensures full integration in the circular economy. Finally, the fast and joyful unboxing contributes to a great customer experience.

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