DS Smith revolutionises co-packing at HOSTA

5 Seconds is all it takes for the display cover “Quick Hood” to be erected An ingenious plug lock makes it possible. The confectionery manufacturer HOSTA achieves time and costs savings of 50 percent in the co-packing of its displays with this innovative transport protection. If the standard bonnet used up to now required two packers, the new 100% recyclable solution developed by DS Smith can be closed by just one person: quickly, easily and without the usual adhesive tape. At the same time, the push-in closure ensures greater stability and thus better protection of the confectionery during transport to the retail outlet.


Displays are reliable sales drivers at the point of sale. Whether full-range stores, discounters or drugstores - they all use secondary placements to stimulate consumers to buy seasonal goods or new products off the shelf. Promotions are particularly indispensable for confectionery - the classic among impulse items. According to figures from the German Retail Association (Handelsverband Deutschland), promotional business accounted for a fifth of total sales of confectionery in 2019. In other words, manufacturers sell a considerable proportion of their goods on display pallets to retailers. To ensure that displays and branded products have a glamorous appearance there, an effective and at the same time efficient packaging and logistics process is required behind the scenes. Every second counts since the displays must arrive at the retail outlet on time and in top quality despite closely timed promotional campaigns.

A successful player in the confectionery market is the company HOSTA – Werk für Schokolade-Spezialitäten GmbH & Co. KG - from the north-east of Baden-Württemberg in Germany. Its products, above all Nippon or the cult classic Mr.Tom, are among the TOP brands of the German confectionery industry. In order to speed up the processes in the campaign business and to ensure safe transport, the traditional company relies on the "Quick Hood" display cover developed by DS Smith according to our Circular Design Principles.

The solution

In contrast to standard bonnets, which require two employees and adhesive tape for sealing, DS Smith's innovative solution uses an easy-to-use plug closure in the lid area. Just a few hand movements and the bonnet is erected by just one single packer, which significantly reduces personnel costs. The special locking mechanism increases the stability of the bonnet, which closes in a dust-proof manner and thus optimally protects its contents during transport. Opening the hood in stores is just as simple and intuitive as closing it. Cutter knives or other tools are not required. This prevents injuries to staff and the risk of display or product to be damaged.

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The cover is also variable in its dimensions. Quick Hood is available for all common pallet sizes. The absence of adhesive tape not only minimises costs but also benefits the environment. As a mono-material solution made of corrugated cardboard, the DS Smith display bonnet is 100% recyclable.