Pharmaceutical box with integrated bulkheads

Practical solid board solution for arranging, protecting and fixing the content inside the box.

Challenge: Customer wanted to keep the facing (dimensions) of specific product

Pharma customer has a line of Probiotics, available on the market in hard capsules. They launched new formula in liquid form. New formula is available in a small bottle. New contents of the package are small glass bottle with relevant instructions. Optimal size of the secondary cardboard packaging would be much smaller box, but customer want to keep the facing with the line available in hard capsules, because the product is recognizable on the market. Because of that, the first solution is to adjust the current packaging in a way to fix and protect the small bottle into the box with the same dimensions. It is not an optimal solution and we want to make it better in the future – together with our customer.

Pharma industry was lagging in sustainability in the past, but it started to be aware of the huge importance of it. Pharma companies started to catch up in sustainability and are searching more and more for sustainability solutions, such us to optimize the packaging, make lass waste. Maximize energy efficiency, measure the carbon footprint etc. This is very encouraging and gives us a lot of potential in helping our customers to search and develop sustainable solutions. 

The small bottle should be well protected and fixed inside the box.




Solution: Make a box with integrated bulkheads

The offset printed box is made from one piece. It is quite demanding for gluing but easy to form and fill, it protects the content, keep it well organized and easy to take out of the box.


  • Customer was able to keep the facing
  • Box with demanding bulkhead is easy to form and fill
  • Content in fixed, organized and protected
  • An open path for better solution in the future, to find a way how to optimize the packaging but still manage to keep the product recognizable on the market