Demonstrating our circular economy commitment: DS Smith achieves ‘A-’ status in recent Circulytics measurement score

DS Smith has received a score of ‘A-’ in its most recent Circulytics assessment. This important milestone comes following the introduction of an updated version of the Circulytics measurement tool, developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which is widely recognised as the most comprehensive tool available for companies seeking to measure their circular economy performance.

This score places us as one of the top participants in this holistic circular economy measure. High scores are achieved through ‘strategic enablers’ required for circularity, with top scores in areas of strategy and planning, innovation, people and skills and operations. In particular, we were recognised for achieving our target of sourcing 100% of paper from recycled or certified sustainable sources in 2020 and our net positive recycling position.

Meanwhile, through the launch of its Circular Design Principles, we are training and enabling our community of over 700 designers to ensure hundreds of thousands of new product specifications are created with circularity in mind.

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Wouter van Tol, Head of Sustainability at DS Smith

Circulytics is the most comprehensive circularity measurement tool for companies and as a Strategic Partner of the Foundation, we have been involved from the outset. It is, however, particularly important that as the tool becomes more stringent, we have maintained our position and it has provided clear areas for us to continue our circular economy leadership within the packaging sector, while giving us a platform to support our customers on their journey.

— Wouter van Tol, Head of Sustainability at DS Smith

Circulytics supports companies to take a considered look at its enablers and outcomes towards a circular economy transition, which in turn provides businesses with intelligence to inform strategic decision making internally and enable quality conversations that will make organisations, including DS Smith, more circular in their approach.


Circulytics provides a fully comprehensive picture of a company’s circular economy performance and we know that we cannot achieve a circular economy until we can properly measure it. In addition to being a Strategic Partner, we are pleased that DS Smith has continued to make the most of the Circulytics tool to understand how it can further its circular economy transition and demonstrate leadership to other companies in the packaging sector.

— Nikki Kapp, Data and Metrics Project Manager at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

As a Strategic Partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and a member of the Circulytics sounding board, DS Smith continues to contribute to the development of Circulytics, alongside more than 30 other companies.