Light Wrap: The innovative packaging solution tackling CO₂ emissions

Our new and innovative packaging solution, Light Wrap, is making a positive environmental impact in reducing CO₂ emissions. In fact, it’s estimated that the pioneering packaging has contributed to a reduction in CO₂ emissions that are thought to be equivalent to 1,831 flights between Madrid and Lisbon.

Light Wrap, which has been specifically designed as a wraparound for cartons such as milk and juice cartons, offers a clever design that improves packaging while using less fibre. This results in a remarkable 19% reduction in CO₂ emissions compared to current, alternative packaging methods.

As leaders in the packaging industry, we know that innovation and design are essential to creating sustainable and efficient solutions that meet the needs of our customers and society.

Luis Serrano
Sales, Marketing & Innovation Director, DS Smith, Iberia

Not only does Light Wrap effectively support the weight of stacked packs during transportation and at the point of sale, but it also ensures the safe transportation of cartons without any damage or deformation.

Light Wrap packaging solution

By using 19% less paper fibre than other solutions, the innovative design not only minimises environmental impact but also improves protection, efficiency and packaging costs.