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The healthcare equipment market is driven by sensible and impactful products covered by strict regulations and massive supply chain requirements.

Growth of the Market is focussing on various priorities. While some have a major impact and market growth potential, others might be limiting the need of following things.

These days, the complexity and volume of products together with a large cost pressure caused by all paying parties (e.g. government, insurers, healthcare providers and patients) are proving to be challenging to the approach. Only the ones capable of focussing on strong investments in R&D as well as collaborating with the right partners will successfully grow in the market in the long term.

Furthermore, the need and demand for connected devices being able to exchange data immediately worldwide is another key to success paired with the capability to handle big data via industry 4.0.

Sustainable packaging for the medical sector

DS Smith's strong expertise and experience on a global scale helps you ensure your high quality product will arrive safely at the right place and the right time while considering the correct balance between protection and costs.

We have extensive experience in packaging design and production for the medical equipment industry. The packaging does not only need to protect high-value products, but must also meet strict health and safety regulations.

Our thinking outside of the box approach and knowledge of the medical equipment industry and its supply chain enables you to save time, optimize your costs and managing your risk.  

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