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Companies within the industrial sector tend to have a large carbon footprint. Therefore, it is important for these businesses to find ways to minimize their impact on the environment. A great way to do this is by investing in sustainable packaging for their products.

Sustainability in the industrial packaging industry

In recent years, sustainability is one of the biggest topics in the consumer electronics market. It is also something with an undeniable effect on the industrial packaging industry. 

Companies are putting more and more effort into reducing their carbon footprint and dealing with waste management. Not only environmental concerns are increasing, but companies also face the demands of the market to adopt green manufacturing processes and reduce energy consumption

As the production, research and product development of the industrial electronics are slowly but surely moving towards the Asia Pacific countries, we can see an increasing trend of location strategy reviews

DS Smith as a packaging partner

At DS Smith, we are also continuously working on redefining packaging according to the global sustainability challenges. We support our customers in reducing their environmental impact and offer them solutions which can contribute to their sustainability strategy.

From design to supply, we offer a complete service: creating a shared ledger to ensure visibility and manage complexity across value chains

On top of that, we offer a track & trace connectivity solution and a broad range of packaging solutions (both standard and custom-made) which meet your specifications. By doing so, we help you face the challenges in traceability and international standards on the market.

Our global presence and centrally-located team specialized in ‘key industrial electronics’ give us the flexibility to support you wherever in the world you operate