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The consumer market is constantly evolving due to new technologies and changing consumer demands. Businesses need powerful and connected packaging solutions to activate their brand. It is also important to consider the sustainability of the packaging.

Changing consumer market

The consumer electronics market consists of a huge variety of devices and specific demands. The market is changing fast as the focus of the consumers on IoT, environmental impact and others is more greater than a few years ago.

While 20 years ago the main reason to buy a product was the functionality and experience, the key drivers today also consider the environmental impact and global availability. Moreover, the balance between the newest technology and high competition on a relatively low pricing level play an important role.

In addition, there’s also the possibility to buy online and via smartphone apps and to have the ordered product available as quickly as possible while knowing where the product is at every stage. This makes the whole supply chain and its tracking much more complex.

Promoting your brand

At DS Smith, we are a recognized leader for value adding packaging solutions in the consumer market environment. Today, the packaging solution does not just need to fit one selling channel and protect the product itself. It also needs to add value to the customer when receiving, unboxing and using the product.

All this needs to be fulfilled considering little material usage, a high quality level and compliance with all relevant global regulations.

As your product development and production might take place in different countries or even continents, our global reach enables you to have the same level of support and product quality everywhere.

The combination of analysing your supply chain, considering the customer’s needs and trends as well as retailer and governmental regulations enables us to provide you a material neutral dedicated solution.