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The computer Market

The continuous growth of the Computer market is further generating the need to lead new technologies and demonstrate responsiveness on concrete actions in order to reduce the impact on the planet. This is also addressing a new approach towards value adding and sustainable packaging solutions.

This market can be separated into 10 individual categories characterized by specific aspects influencing the direction of innovation & costs management.

Some of the current key drivers to grow the market are also resulting in further challenges to be acknowledged, addressed and solved in order to remain strong in the market. A few of the Megatrends we see:

  • 5G Connectivity
  • Late stage customization
  • Online Data Storage and Global 24/7 Data Availability
  • Speed to market for Innovative Technology
  • Planet Impact (Sustainability)
  • High Cost Pressure
  • Increased complexity of global supply chain requirements

DS Smith has gained wide experience in providing innovative, sustainable and globally available packaging solutions based on your changing, individual needs.

Our Circular Design Principles have been developed and implemented to close the loop of:  

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This enables yourself to achieve the maximum result and stay ahead of your competition not just for now but also for the future.Want to understand more?