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Business Case: Sensor Pack with Flexible and time saving folding support

A movable light Folding and Erection Tool has been developed to support the quick and constantly preparation of variable heights packaging Trays .

To respond to the customer high range of multiple packaging solutions (plastic bags, solid board cartons and corrugated solutions) to pack their sensors, DS Smith  developed a Standard Range of corrugated trays together with a JIG (Supporting Tool) to reduce the assembly time by 400 % . The solution is  flexible to use at every single working place. Additional material can be added at low budget. 


As a leading supplier of sustainable packaging solutions to the Industrial market, DS Smith believed that using high quality corrugated material coupled with  variable Assembly Supporting Devices  means that products are not only protected in the supply chain, but also due to the combined Packing Process Approach improving the constantly quality standard and cost savings.


Benefits & Features

  • Flat die-cutted tray in 3 heights
  • 100% recycled material options available (white or brown)
  • Custom sizes available – to suit your requirements
  • No open flutes towards the products
  • Fixed position in box without option to move / being damaged
  • Individual printing and communication availability
  • Improved Handling at Inbound due to flat delivery conditions
  • Shorten Packing Line Efforts due to JIG Support
  • Strengthen Outbound due to corrugated design